2 weeks in Los Angeles Part 1

3:32 AM

May 13th 2015;

The day has arrive for me to get out of Singapore and fly to Los Angeles and meet Joseph for the first time...

Jet setting off to Los Angeles with transit in Haneda Airport.

I swear to God that I will never take Delta airlines after my experience with them.
I rarely complain about airlines since I'm in the airline industry but Delta airline probably is rank #1 worst airline seat in my personal opinion.
I was so tired from work that I couldn't enjoy my 6hrs flight with Singapore airlines and I had to deal my 11/12hrs flight with Delta.

Can't complain much since I got my air ticket really last minute and they cost me $1.3k usd (for a return fare) which isn't that bad since it was with Singapore airlines, Delta and Japan airlines.

Flying to Los Angeles to meet Joseph for the first time was of course nerve wrecking and I had mentioned to him NEVER to be late when meeting me; but of course, we all know it... He still came LATE.  (Technically he didn't but the ground staff gave him wrong information and he went to the wrong terminal because LA has like 5/6 terminals...) So I was kind of angry when we first met!

May 15th 2015;
It's the 14th in the USA due to time difference but I decided to blog in Singapore's time-zone.
I was so jet-lag that I slept in till 5.30pm and because Mr Joseph said it wasn't cold in LA, I had packed summer clothing and it was FREEZING cold for me.

Still need to get use that they drive from the left side of the car!

May 16th 2015;
It's my 25th BIRTHDAY!!!!
Joseph's mom has been so sweet to help us book a trip to San Diego on a train. Really excited and happy because I've heard how beautiful it is in San Diego and we get to be on a public train!
I love to blend in with the crowd. Not to mention, another area in USA that I can tick off.

The amtrak is almost like the train in Sydney's

Of course, we can't miss some train selfies...

Some photos during the train journey, half the time I was just fast asleep.

OOTD, had to train Joseph to snap photos for me, it wasn't easy but he got it finally.

We also went to SeaWorld San Diego but I think I will post another article comparing SeaWorld Orlando since now I have been to both of them.. But however, 4 years apart!

Prime new York — at Fleming's Prime Steakhouse-San Diego

To celebrate my birthday, Joseph made a reservation at the steakhouse since I love steak.
I couldn't even finish my steak but because I was VERY unlucky on my birthday last year, I hope to escape the fate this year but I had no luck of doing so...

When the clock strikes 12, I fell sick.
My stomach was so bloated, we head back to the hotel and we decided to call it a night.

I woke up in the middle of the night and need to PUKE badly but the toilet's flush wasn't working (luckily somehow I decided to check before I start puking... and the toilet's flush was the 3rd thing that was "broken" in our room.)

We had to call the handyman to fix it while I basically transform into a spitter from left 4 dead except I was puking out at least 1kg of liquid.

The question lies between WHAT ACTUALLY GOT ME TO BE SICK?
1. Joseph thinks it's the Sandwich from amtrak (however Joseph had a bite of it too.)
2. I think it's the steak from the Steakhouse (Joseph ordered the same dish however I think I could have gotten a bad steak.)
3. Ice cream (however we both share it)

And the rest was an history because I got sick for 5 days!
Whatever I ate for 5 days just comes out from my mouth like a spitter!
First time I have food poisoning especially in USA, no one would believe me.

May 21 2015;

Trying out my new colourpop lippie stix and I LOVE IT!!!


Joseph teaching me how to drive

Good makeup day for lots of selfie, so in love with this witch-y style

Beautiful sunset

Another ootd

In case you are wondering where we are...
Joseph decided to bring me to Griffith Observatory.

Not advisory to wear heels because you never know how many humans are going to be there..
And we had to walk up-hill and down-hill depending where you park your car.

They have small telescopes out in the front of the building at the lawn which can scope EXACTLY the same as the big telescope as you see in the last photo.
(Story goes: Joseph & Me queue up at the small telescopes, we see a small sun-like image and the guide said it is planet Venus... I was totally unimpressed so Joseph said the big telescope is way cooler and etc thus we made our way there, queue up in the cold just to find out that.. the image is the same! I guess Venus is just so uncool.)

There are also exhibits in the observatory which is quite cool, you can learn about the solar system.
Between, my favorite planet is Jupiter! Jupiter is my hometown :]

Apart from the unimpressive Venus, I would say the Griffith Observatory is worth to visit.
- Great landscape and scenery for photo-taking opportunities
- Exhibits and there are also some chargeable areas ( I think for shows? )
- View from a telescope
- See a random planet (They scope different planet on different days)

Also, because Joseph told me he was going to bring me to a special place, I WORE heels for it... ( I thought he was going to ask me to be his gf) and his intentions to ask me to be his gf was actually tomorrow... But because the whole night I was bugging him that if he doesn't ask me to be his gf by tonight, I will refuse to be his gf ever again SO he did ask me tonight but I was too chickened to face it.

May 22 2015;

Still self obsessed. 

Loving my new beanie from hot topic!

I'm no fan of hello kitty but just snap it to show fans.

I'm wearing jeans in the photo but the reflection made it look like I was wearing shorts.
It's some sort like the dress situation...

Walked around in Universal City Walk Hollywood, shopped in hot topic and the night ends.
Nothing much to do around there.

I did some research and Diddy Riese is like one of the hot spots, we decided to give it a try.
The cookies was absolutely tasty but I don't get the crave of why people love it so much?
The ice cream was ordinary.
It's difficult to even eat it like that and it doesn't even make sense to eat it like that.
I feel like they should crush the cookies and mix it with the ice cream; makes life easier.
BUT perhaps it was cheap like $1-2 usd that's why it has a long queue?

3/5 rating by le me. If you are nearby and can wait for it, try it, perhaps I'm picky?

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