2 weeks in Los Angeles Part 2

6:13 PM

We spent the night walking around drunk humans, one of them even tried to snap a photo with me when I asked Jo to take photo for me.

MAY 23 2015;

Jo has been mentioning Roscoe has the best waffles and chicken.
Even though it is like KFC, Mcdonalds or Mos Burger, there was a LONG queue (the place is huge with seats but you still have to queue like 1hr...)

Not the best looking food but the mash potato, eggs and chicken is awesome!!! 4/5 star.

The space shuttle is humongous

The above are photos from the space section, it was cool to see real life space shuttle, a pretty unrealistic job if you ever become an astronaut.

The human section was awesome!!!
I learned so much about the human body, get to see real life baby fetus and they even had an area where you can experience 4.0 earthquake (and it was definitely scary)
Totally worth going, and if I didn't remembered wrongly the entrance for the space shuttle was less than $15usd / person.

We stopped by Santa Monica, nothing much to do there except to see the Ferris wheel and the pier.
The rides there were crazy expensive, it's like a 365 carnival and I was shock to see it still being so lively despite the prices charged.

MAY 26 2015;

The famous LACMA lamp post. 

I wasn't really impressive with LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
Some of the art was jaw dropping lame.... but of course some was impressive.
Rating 3/5

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