Holiday in Singapore?

7:44 PM

Many of you might not know this especially for tourist, but do you know there is this local site where you can get cheaper rates for the attractions in Singapore (Singapore zoo, River safari, Sea Aquarium, Adventure cove and etc)

When Joseph came to Singapore to visit, we had purchased tickets to various attractions via

Let's compare some of the rates.
I will compare the rates of whichever lower on the main site vs the rates found on Qoo10.

Singapore Zoo + River Safari:Main site: $55.80 (price is after 15% discount of Singapore issued card)
Qoo10: $53.50 (inclusive of 1 river ride / amazon ride + zoo's tram)

Adventure cove:
Main site: $36
However, if you plan to go on Tuesday, take note of this promotion it'd be $36 for 2 person)
Qoo10: $23

We got our tickets from this seller, and the excellent thing is that once you ordered from the seller, you can choose to go down to their store, which is located near Chinatown MRT and collect your tickets!

The tickets issued are valid for months so you can use them any days! Except for some attractions that required a fix date/time. Some other sellers also offered meetup at MRT stations if you need the tickets urgently.

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