My Boobies Journey (NOT for faint heart)

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Pre-surgery story:
I grew up to be boob-less, like a guy. I've been through the name-calling period (Airport runway, washboard, flat chested and etc..) Now we know how immature Singaporean kids are.

To prove it, this is ME before my surgery and my measurements as of in 2011.
Photo was self-taken.

AREA 1: Bust - 72cm / 28.3"
AREA 2: Under bust - 64cm / 25.2"
AREA 3: Thigh - 46cm / 18.1"
AREA 4: Lower calf - 34cm / 13.4"
AREA 5: Waist - 60cm / 23.5"

So, what bra size was I wearing back then?
I had to wear 65A EXTRA padded bra, which you can only find in Thailand.

BUT if you actually use a website and their measurement…
I would be 30AA.
But I cannot wear 30AA because the bra will be too loose for me even at last hook.
so 65A which is approx 28inch bra which is ONLY available in Thailand.

By now, you would still be in the disbelieve state about how flat I was but you still cannot understand my self-esteem that I HATED swimming and my clothing woes as I cannot wear certain clothes. 

So I started to spam e-mailing various plastic surgeon all over Asia, namely from Korea, Thailand, Singapore and than I saw Medan. Seriously, I don't even know where the hell is Medan.
But a few forums were talking about the Dr Arthur from the Medan clinic.
So I decided to drop an email on 29th Oct 2010 regarding the cost and more information.

I basically knew I only have fats in my thighs that I really wanted to get rid off, so after LOTS of emails I sent to Jennifer (his assistant) and after going to blood test to ensure that I am suitable for the surgery, I booked my tickets on 21th November 2011 for 30th December 2011 to do my surgery.

Dr Arthur only saw my photos before I booked my tickets.
But lucky for me, he happened to be in Singapore around mid of December so I went to confirm the places of fats I’m going to transfer and get real life consultation.
His words:  “Your chest are very flat, and on top of that you are very slim, with not much excess fat to harvest your fat from. The breasts are very tight, hence there’s not much space to graft fat. Hence, it is better to do a few sessions of fat transfer over a period of time, rather than just do 1 session and expect to get good result.”

Jennifer also sent me the Pre and Post operative stuff that I should read on and what items you need to get and take before your surgery.

The day of the surgery:
My mom followed me to Medan and when we arrive, we were asked to fill up the form regarding our particulars. I was asked if I had taken a shower with dettol (which was one of the requirement BUT i asked a previous patient and she said it wasn’t required!) so I was asked to shower again with dettol and eat some pills and have my breakfast.

After that, I had another consultation with Dr Arthur, checking of weight and taking measurement

Below are the photos taken by Dr and the area where I will be removing my fats.

Post Surgery:
I had no idea how long the surgery was, my mother couldn't recall either how long it took.
Even though I was under LOCAL, I couldn't recall seeing anything.

All I recalled was Dr Arthur tapping me and asked me to wake up.

Photos taken RIGHT after the surgery.

You can notice from this last photo that my left thigh is smaller than my right thigh, that's because as I'll be going for second surgery, Dr Arthur has saved some fats from my right thigh for it.
My calf seem bigger because of water retention.

The legs are being bandaged for the period you stay with Dr Arthur.
So, please remember to bring loose bottoms, because I didn't know about this, luckily my mother was with me and I had to wear her pants.


In the morning, the nurse would remove the bandages to clean your area, massage to circulate and promote faster recovery to the bruise ( as seen in the photos above, my right and left thigh)

I have to be honest, another patient who was doing the same was screaming because she think it was very painful? It is when the nurse are massaging but I guess the faster you wish to remove the bruise, you have to bare the pain? But to me, it wasn't painful, it was more of what I was looking at. I cried when the nurse removed the bandage cause it was so ugly looking which is something you have to prepare for as well.

I am leaving for the airport back to Singapore today, so I didn't manage to snap any photo of my legs but I did manage to snap my bruise of my boob area


The bruise around the boobs area are getting better and as you can see there isn't much visible scars.


As you can see, one of my thigh has been fully recovered, there is still very faint scars below the boobs area.


DAY 1 OF RECOVERY (2nd surgery)

Photo right after the surgery

DAY 2 OF RECOVERY (2nd surgery)

DAY 3 OF RECOVERY (2nd surgery)

DAY 4 OF RECOVERY (2nd surgery)



This photo is comparison of my pre-op (2011) and after my 2nd surgery

Many of you always asked me if my boobs have shrink, I definitely haven't seen it shrinking yet.
Here are some of my photos over the years

Taken on Nov 2012: (padded bikini; almost 1 year from my 1st surgery)

Taken on Aug 2014: (padded bikini; 3 years from 1st surgery)

This photo was taken when my boobs are sore due to period.
So, pretty much the boobies are still same as before surgery.

Taken on June 2015: (non-padded bikini; 3.5 years from 1st surgery)

Over the years, I have received numerous e-mails pertaining my surgery and below are some of the commonly asked questions I get and here are my answers. I do entertain e-mails BUT if they are the same q&a I have listed below, SORRY (but not really sorry), I will NOT reply to your e-mail, if you were really interested in the surgery, you would have READ everything.

1. What is the cost of the surgery?
When I had my surgery on DEC 31st 2011, it cost approx $3000. 
Also, the cost of my surgery is IN 2011. Everything increase as year goes by, so if you really wish to question about the cost, it's best to e-mail the DR.

Dr Arthur charges left & right as PER area. However certain parts like stomach for instance has been broken down to Back handle, Love handle and etc so the cost differ.

Other cost that would incur ON top of the surgery cost is:
- Blood test cost (to see if you are suitable for the surgery), in 2011, my cost was $90
- Compression garment, I got mine from 2XU, it was approx $100-$200
- Medication cost (If you wish to get it cheaper, I think you can ask the dr the pills you need to get from Singapore, it'd be cheaper)
- Accommodation cost (you can chose to stay at Dr's clinic at a cost / book a hotel)
- Food cost

2. Is everyone suitable for fat grafting?
As long as you have extra fat, you are suitable for fat grafting.
Oh please don't be dumb and start saying how skinny you are and you have no fats.
Everyone has fats, if you have no fats you probably are already dead.
You might think you have no fats, but really… *YAWN*

However, if you have family history of breasts cancer, please get advice from DR instead.

3. Is there any side effects?
Personally, Dr Arthur had mentioned that fat grafting to breast can cause confusion during mammogram screening which mean your results might be FALSE positive. Any other than that, I have no other side effects that I had encounter since my surgery.

4. Can I use other people’s fat?
 No. Don't be stupid.

5. Is there any scars? Does it hurt?
Please NOTE that different people have different threshold of pain and different recovery periods.

- Breast area: Bruise (5 days), Scars (7 days)
- Thighs: Bruise (14 days min), Scars (Not really visible)

- PAIN LEVEL: 2/5,
My cliff diving was way more painful than this surgery. I could walk, squat and even go shopping after surgery. Also, I did bungee jump around my 12th day of recovery... However I do have some difficulties when I was sleeping at night as the legs were being bandaged. (Only when you are still at the DR's clinic)

6. When did you do your surgery?
My first surgery was thigh and armpit's fats removal on DEC 31st 2011.
My second surgery was just thigh around JULY 2012.

7. Did you do anything to recover faster?
Nothing specifically, I was too lazy.

8. Why did you cost fat transfer instead of other methods?For your information, there are 4 methods of enhancing your boobies.
- Saline implants
- Silicone implants
- Fillers
- Autologous Fat Transfer

a. Cost.
The cost of fat transfer is lower than all. (I'm comparing total cost + future cost)
Example illustrated cost:
- Implants:
Surgery cost = depending on size you want; probably around 10k min?
Future cost = removal and changing again.

- Fillers:
Cost: Too expensive to even consider and they last for a year.

- Fat transfer:
Surgery cost = Can only increase 1 cup size per surgery, so around 3k per surgery
Future cost = Provided you want to do it again.

b. Realism
Fat transfer boobs are more REAL than implants, also, if you don't mention it to anyone, NO ONE WILL KNOW. I do not want harden round boobs.

Not only that, I can still breast feed (provided I have milk). Also, I know some doctors mention that for implants you don't have to remove it, it's long term but frankly speaking, you NEED to remove it every 10 years (min) and change a new one.

c. PAIN factor
I've seen a video of a taiwanese actress who did implants and she swear that it was the MOST painful thing she have ever done. (According to her, you need to massage them EVERYDAY 365 for the 1st year to prevent them from hardening. She didn't so she had to remove them and re-do a second one.)

d. Laziness
Too much care and concern is needed for implants.

In any case, you can check more details for plastic surgery at
Surgery done by Dr. Arthur Tjandra.
If you have any enquiries that you have in mind, you can also drop me an e-mail at

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