Random facts about me

12:17 PM

I am going to try list out as many random facts about me since I was a baby to now?.

1. Ever since kid (maybe 5?), I love to look at guys .
2. I always want to get marry since kid (around 5 too?)
3. I've never watch barney? nor sesame street before.
4. My favorite cartoon is sailor-moon cause she's hot.
5. I was taken care by my godparent's (unrelated) till I was 10.
6. I drank milk with the baby bottle till I was 7.
7. I always lie down and was feed with food by my godmother till I was 10.  Literally spoon-fed!
8. I love my godparents' family a lot more than my own family.
9. I was really popular in primary school, maybe because of my older brother?
10. I was a prefect but I was always late for school and make use of it.
11. I love money a lot, so whenever there is prizes for being top in maths, I'll definitely aim for it.
12. I had my first puppy love at 12.
13. I start to break out and have acne at 12.
14. I knew about plastic surgery (skin grafting) since I was 11.
15. My hair is always short because of my mom and only got to tie them till I was 12.
16. The first time I wore a skirt was at 13 and never knew how to wear it properly.
17. I never understood why girls love to fold their skirt to shorter length
18. I quit swimming when I am 14.
19. My period only came when I was about to be 15
20. Sports was my favorite in secondary school and I always aim to get GOLD for nafa.
21. I nearly got caught for cheating in school once.
22. I have never cheat in my Chinese spelling test.
23. I have never complete a homework at home.
24. I never knew what the exam was until the day before.
25. My first hair dye was 15?
26. My parents allow us to swear at home.
27. I got caught having a bf (puppy love) when I was 13, thanks to my older brother.
28. My mom had to give me money if I win my older brother's results.
29. I used to get paid to do house chores.
30. I learned to wash dishes since 12, iron clothes since 13.
31. I never learn how to mop the floor.
32. My expenses are paid by myself since I was 12.
33. My first country I traveled to by plane was Thailand.
34. I use to send 1000-2000 text messages
35. My gf's ex bf stole my hp before. (Before they were gf/bf)
36. I started to do online chatting when I was 11
37. I started to meet people online when I was 11/12.
38. My first ever official bf that I brought home was when I was 18.
39. I've only dated 1 Chinese bf before.
40. The first Caucasian I've met was when I'm 18 and it was Howard who is an old friend now.
41. People call me SPG because I date Caucasian but I'm not a clubber or a party-goer
42. 99% of my bf are met through online.
43. In the past, I used to wish my parents would undergo divorce.
44. I used to cursed my parents a lot; and I don't care if people curse them.
45. I show no respect to people who are rude/accuse me.
46. I always have the latest phone when I was in secondary school.
47. Anything about gadget are my best topic ever.
48. I got in Supply Chain Management which wasn't what I want to study in the first place; even told my parents that I wanted to quit school but they would never allow me.
49. I started doing online business since I was 18 .
50. I started my first full-time career when I was 21.
51. I had dyed my hair red, brown, black, dark purple, blonde, ash green before (at least what I can recall) and I think I look good in them all :P
52. I never liked my Chinese ex's bf's mother and he never liked mine.
53. I am really closed to my family even though I hate them a lot.
54. I always want to work since I was 12, but was only permitted to work when I was 16
55. I had an addictive personality, so I got hooked on games before and I was bankrupt twice.
56. My family never thinks I could work as a retail associate because of my bad temper.
57. I used to have super bad temper that when I'm angry I would scold anyone and I am not afraid of anything.
58. I have killed butterflies and a turtle before. (Don't ask me how =x)
59. I am super afraid of butterflies and cockroach and sometimes other insects too.
60. I started to learn how to photo-shop when I was 13.
61. I'm a fast typer and a fast learner.
62. The first time I've been to a club was when I was 17 and I'm not a fan of it.
63. I am a free thinker and I hate religion talks except for illuminati and satanism.
64. My favourite color is gold, or anything shiny. 
65. I love leopard print and they must be of quality fur.
66. I have a whole collection of leopard pillow, blanket, dog bag, hat, jacket. 
67. I learn HTML by myself 
68. I have no intentions to learn how to drive because I know I will fall asleep when I'm behind the wheels but I feel like I can do well.
69. Sleeping is my favorite thing. I can sleep anywhere. There was once I slept when I was bathing
70. I can't pronounce a lot of words. Tree/three; beach/bitch; and more
71. I can't spell a lot of words either.
72. I love to wear shorts than skirts. 
73. I can't walk in heels
74. My feet gets blisters from wearing flats
75. I have never fallen down in my life
76. I love languages. And wish I could learn as many as I can
77. I used to blush like a red apple
78. When I get nervous, I stumble and keep super quiet
79. I've been mistaken for Japanese, Korean, Thai, Pinoy...
80. I want to join competitions like amazing race and fear factor
81. I love kids and I want as many as I can afford
82. I have many jackets because I'm always afraid of cold.
83. I use to blame my mom for passing me the genes of having no boobs
84. I use to say I am jj's sister!
85. My older brother has the same height, same shoe size and almost same shirt size as me.
86. I am not a fan of accessories except rings .
87. I think people who has big eyes are adorable and cute
88. I don't go crazy for guys with muscular body
89. I don't like other people snapping photos of me or for me.
90. I hate jobs that require office wear.
91. I am a homebody. I don't go out except for work most of the time.
92. I only started learning makeup when I was 21.
93. I love boots and super high bulky heels like Hellbound
94. I can never tie my hair properly. Not even pony tails.
95. I used to be afraid of people who has tattoos and piercing
96. I do not mind plastic surgery at all as long as they are honest about it.
97. I love to joke that I'm tranny. 
98. I trust people easily but once they break it, it's not coming back.
99. I can use the laptop 24hrs a day without food
100. My heaviest weight was.. 50kg
101. I have different personality from online and real life
102. I have thought of suicide but couldn't decide on the best way to die.
103. My favorite body part is from my neck to my hips
104. I have friends all over the world.
105. I can't multitask well. Like using phone and talking.
106. Taiwanese drama ain't exaggerating. They are almost like my life's story.
107. I wish I could be super tall and I hate getting fat.
108. I am super determine with my wants, dreams and goals
109. I use my brain a lot that sometimes, even my dad mention that I need to take a break.
110. My longest day without showering is 5 days.
111. I don't drink water at all except sparkling water.
112. I hate seafood and pizza.
113. I am pretty open minded and can talk about anything
114. All my jobs so far are relaxing and easy
115. The highest salary I've earn is $3000  or maybe more?
116. I hate Singapore.
117. I used to tip all the places I've been to until being told they are already tipped
118. Almost all my clothes are white black grey blue
119. I'm not a bag collector like most chick.
120. I love kissing and probably would kill my dog by over kissing it
121. I get depress sometimes .
122. I love to write complain to any kind of service; of course compliments too.
123 I used to hate Apple. But now I'm a big fan of iPhone
124. No one believes I have short tongue till I show them
125. I'm quite adventurous (done cliff dive, scuba dive, bungee jump and want to do sky dive)
126. I've been to most countries in Asia.
127. My favorite country is America.
128. I hate it when people tried to wake me up when I do not have enough sleep.
129. I have stage fright and get nervous.
130. Most of my friends are guys? I only have 2-3 female friends, but only 1 that is close to me.

Bah. I think that's all

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