Current situation

10:29 AM

I've been a little irritated because Joseph is suppose to be in Singapore already.

He had signed a 2years contract and the start date is mid of Aug (around 17th).
BUT yesterday they offered him another position and the start date is mid of Sept.

Another month of waiting is like K I L L me please.
Also, I seriously do NOT get how people in Singapore do their job?
The last time he applied for a job, they were eager to hire him but the speed of the whole conversation and hiring process is long enough for me to get pregnant and give birth to a kid.

This time, the replies were much faster and better but a little no common sense?
IF you are going to hire someone from overseas, which means they have to re-locate, and since you are not providing a house but just giving allowances for rental, shouldn't you fly them in early so they can look around and settle down?
Apparently NOT to the people who hire him.

I get so irritated when I am facing brainless human.
They asked him to look around (he is still in USA between..), so I assume look around on websites and decide...
Photos are deceiving and they don't tell you a thousand words about the place you are looking at.
Also, how can you settle down in a place for 1 year without VIEWING the place?

But other than that, they have been very nice because Joseph saw how much I want to quit my job and asked me to go to USA and live there for 3 months (Sep, Oct, Nov) before we fly back to Singapore and he can start the other position in Dec (they allow him to postpone the start date)

Looking on this option, I totally would LOVE to quit especially I can keep my hair long for our wedding in January and also at the same time bleach my hair and etc in the states.
But I think I would be so bored in California as I cannot drive let alone cooking in the house.

What should I do??

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