End of being a flight attendant.

2:13 PM

Next month would mark the end of my 3 years 9 months of flying career.

I can't say I'm 100% content about resigning because that means I would have to pay passenger's fare when I travel in the future. But well, I always try to have a backup plan.

Not only that, being a flight attendant is probably the easiest job in my opinion.

Of course time to time you handle difficult passengers, some medical cases but nothing yet big has ever happen during my time of flying... (No evacuation and etc..) Thank God! I know I would have panic, but maybe not? At least I know how I will die!

Would i ever go back to flying?

Maybe... When the day Joseph starts nagging that I need to get a job, I'll probably fly again. Or maybe when we move back to the states, I could apply for United Airlines!

Given my character, I guess no one actually believe that I'll be in a customer relation job.

But hey! Work is Work!

I know I have bad temper but over the years, I've learnt to control it.

And of course to me, customer isn't always right. But you need to know your ways to handle them. *winks

What am I going to do now that I'm jobless?

My lovely fiancé and my dad has always asked me to go back studying and get another career but for now, I just want to slack and be as gothic as I can be.

So poor Joseph has to work his ass off while I have to try my best to learn cooking and taking care of the house.

But I'll be flying off to see Joseph and we will fly back to Singapore in dec for him to start his new career in Singapore.

In Oct, we will be going to Korea to attend his cousin's wedding.

Kind of exciting because this 3 months, I plan to learn Spanish from him and he has to learn Chinese from me. Also, hoping I can learn sign language. So it'd be good if I decide to go back flying! (Knowing extra languages helps)

So in dec, we will have to house hunt, I'll be starting my new hobby and hopefully able to make it into something.

And in January, we will be registering our marriage (That's what I hope.. We haven't conclude on a date yet.).

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