New plans

1:17 AM

I am thankful that I found such a wonderful guy.
I can't express my feelings in words for how much he had done for me..
Especially what is the chances of actually knowing and meeting him and being together?

Because I'm a planner, we actually had a layout for what we have to do.
Our initial plan was;
- Joseph to work in Singapore in August
- Get married in January
- I'll resign in March.

(Because you guys probably don't know me well) I am THE laziest chick on earth, I'm too stress from working, I hate working and I couldn't stand working for 1/2 year more so we had to change our plan.

Joseph saw that I was super depress when he said I had to work 1/2 year more but in the end, he still try to come up with alternative.

So our new revise plan is;
- I get to resign, fly over and live in the states for 3 months
- Fly back with Joseph in Dec
- Get married in January.

Which is also a good plan because
1) I get to keep my hair LONG and get to bleach it! (After 3 long freaking years of NOT doing anything)
2) Joseph get to increase his salary in the states
3) I get to fly back with Joseph on the long haul flight. (He's the worst passenger ever.)

Actually, being a flight attendant is not that bad.
I love being a flight attendant, it's an easy job, but time to time, I feel so tired doing the same old thing again and again and there seem to be no differences except it's different working schedules?
There is like no self improvements I can gain from the job.
I also hate it when it's so not busy because then you do nothing and it's so boring.

However, Joseph has been very supportive, knowing that I want to resign my job, he asked if I want to go back to studying but this has NEVER been in my options.
I just hope that my future plans that I had discuss with him would work out great.
And I know he can become what he wants to be too.

Sometimes, I do wonder what had I done in life to deserve such a great guy.
I can be so evil and cruel in life (Maybe not, but the way I view life is surprising to many humans) but yet I have such a kind husband-to-be.
I just hope I don't nag at him too much or he won't ask me to get a job any time soon. :)

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