Back to LAX.

9:40 PM

Somehow I could be very fated with China southern.

The last time I took China southern was 4 years ago when I left home to travel in the states for 3 months and now? I'm taking China southern again!!!

Was suppose to take China eastern but because Joseph said to wait for his travel agency to match prices and it seemed I get a better deal off so by the time we decide to book, China eastern has their fare raised.

I didn't have a bad experience with China southern just that it's annoying when you are the only English speaker on the plane and the rest of the Chinese passengers would ask you to help them with the immigration officers which could be dangerous because you should never said you are traveling with a stranger especially they could be carrying drugs and etc.. So never ever help anyone to look after their bags, hold their bottle or anything!

Not only that the immigration officers are very annoyed with the Chinese passengers because they love to bring random food and it's not allowed! USA and Australia is so strict on this. I had to wait 1hr for the customs to check, only when he realize I have a Singapore passport, I was let go.

Maybe this time I should wear a I AM SINGAPOREAN T-shirt.

I was thinking China eastern wouldn't be that bad because people in Shanghai are more educated? Also, the transit time is lesser. There is nothing for me to do especially I have to spend 9hrs in Guangzhou airport!!! I should probably just spend 9hrs studying Korean in the airport.

I just hope there are empty seats so I can lie down and no one is going to disturb me... Also! I have to start packing my luggage to USA and cleanup my room.

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