Quick update

4:59 AM

Have not been updating the blog alot.
But here are some photo update.
Mostly posted on instagram already.

Inside the shopping mall.
I think this mall is as big as vivocity.

As I ordered lots of matte lipsticks from lasplash and colourpop, I was crazily trying on and the lasplash were more difficult to remove, I ended up having Kylie Jenner lips.

Well, in the end he still took an ootd for me.

It was a nice day out.
We went to Joe's aunt house to celebrate Victoria (joe's little cousin)

Leaves starting to fall as it's fall season soon

I managed to find a salon to bleach my hair! It was pretty reasonable. It's 140 usd whereas in Singapore I asked it was $300+ to get the hair color I want.

Oh well, hello pink hair!!!!

Decided to make it purplish. It was too purple for my liking..

Lighten my hair color the next day
It looks awesome when I take ootds.

Oh, it was Jewish fasting and they could only eat after 24 hours.. Joe and his brother barely survive.

Preparing for joe's mom birthday.

Did the decorations by myself... Kind of proud but not really cause it wasn't what I expected.

Ootd.. We will be going to the universal Halloween next week.

Late night burrito for the boys.

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