Big Bear Lake

2:01 PM

We decided to do a short getaway to Big Bear Lake.
It was slightly cold, luckily not super cold.

The place we stay in:
Location wise: 3/5 (However because anywhere you go in America needs a car, it's not much of a problem.)
Accommodation: 4/5

Pool room at the basement

Jacuzzi outside one of the room

The living area.

Dining area

One of the bedroom; the master bedroom to be exact.

The view from the balcony.

The house beside the one we rented are under renovation.

There were various trails in Big Bear, we went to the Pacific Crest Trail which is I think the longest trail in Big bear? It was a crazy long walk with waffles (and normally he doesn't like to walk) and it was pretty tiring because there were many slopes.
However, we did get really few good photos while we were hiking so it's really good.

It was getting misty and foggy when we were returning back to Los angeles as the weather is getting colder and colder.

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