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Sept 24 - Oct 31
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If you are ever going to theme parks, it is best to google or check on this site: to know the crowd for the day you are going.

We happened to go on a super crowded night, so we decided to get the Fright Lane with Skeleton Key  which basically is a priority pass that has unlimited priority access to the mazes except an area call Special Ops. Also, certain maze had an extra room which only if you have this Fright Lane you can go into.

I've read reviews on Yelp regarding this interactive laser tag maze call Special Ops which you need to go into the park early to get a ticket to be able to do this, so we reached the park at around before 6pm at the west entrance.

They started to let the crowd to enter the park after scanning everyone individually and checking bags. We then proceed to the closed off area which they will only open after 6.57pm as the park opens as 7pm. The Special Ops were near to the main gate so I thought that we were not be able to do it anymore as we were very far from there. However, there was a park worker who is giving out the tickets of the Special Ops for 8.30pm and 1.15am timing so we managed to get hold of it. While waiting for the park to be fully open, there were also various scare actors roaming around.

I managed to get some recording as most of the scare actors keep coming up to me.

When the park finally opened, we took like 20mins to find the Ghost town to claim our lanyard for the skeleton key which I felt that Knott could have done a better job in this like perhaps give out the priority passes at the entrance like Universal did so we didn't have to waste our time finding and queuing up.

The good side about it is that because you will end up being in Ghost town, 3 of the mazes were there. I will be reviewing the maze based on what we did for the night.

Trick or Treat
There was a serious LONG queue when we went to this maze, bear in mind as we have the fright lane, we didn't wait anything at all to get into this maze.

The concept was cool and neat and both of us enjoyed it given that this was our first maze in Knott.

There is a secret room for this maze so it was funny that there was NO queue for the regular line and we had to wait for like 5 mins before the fright lane could enter, they only allowed maybe 7-9 people into the secret room.

I like this maze more than I did in the trick or treat especially what they did in the secret room was absolutely amazing and cool.

Special Ops
I was looking forward to this as I have never play laser tag before. We had the time card at 8.30pm and because the staff were telling us not to be late, we got there at 8pm and waited while they call for people who had the time card for 8pm, 8.15pm and then it got to us.

While waiting, there was also a random mini act done by the scare actors which probably doesn't happen anywhere else in other theme parks.

People who didn't get the time card could go into the standby line where they will be allowed to do this special ops when there are late comers or when there are space so normally if you are alone your chances are higher.

I like the idea and concept of this special ops but it is very annoying when you have group members who just keep firing and you can't really hear what is going on.

We finished this maze just about after 9pm and the guy who was first in line for the standby was still in the queue. I wouldn't recommend it because you will be wasting so much time for this.

We stumbled onto this maze and this is the worst maze in my opinion. It wasn't that scary and it was too short of a maze. I feel like they need to come up with a better idea for a new maze to replace this.

Sierra Sidewinder Ride
This ride was interesting as it spins 360 while being a roller coaster. My first time sitting this kind of ride and if it had spin more I would have love it. But because of weight distribution, depending on who is on the other side of the ride, we didn't spin as much but it was cool having your back while going down the slope.

We returned to the tooth fairy after seeing there was a queue even for the fright line and thinking we might not have time for the special ops. There is also a secret room for this maze and what they did in the secret room could be improved. It was more like an act and it wasn't even that scary except for the effects. We didn't even know what to do when the act was done which I felt that was why it took such a long time.

Pony express Ride.
There was major queue line for the rides so I decided to get the fast pass otherwise we won't be able to sit on any rides at all. We did this one initially thinking it is for kids and it was kind of funny to see a ride to be in these horse seating. 3/5 verdict.

There was a secret room for this maze BUT I don't think we did it because there was NO instructions and I was seriously upset about it but I didn't want to do the maze AGAIN. Joe love this maze, but I was quite upset with the secret room that I wasn't really afraid of this maze, however it is definitely better than some other ones.

Pinocchio Unstrung
The fright lane was long for this due to secret room and it did a good pre-act before the actual maze.
I quite like the set and decorations of this maze however story plot could be improved.

My Bloody Clementine
This was a ride turned into a maze so it was cool and scary in the mine, we were quite lucky that when we went there and there was just 2 person in front of us for the fright lane, when we finished. There are two sides and you have to be in the "correct" side to get the scare because you will not be facing the scare actors. The effects they had done in this was splendid but I wasn't really scared of this because you kind of expected it.

Coast Rider Ride
We had to wait for quite a while for this ride because when we reached there, the ride was down.
I made the call to wait for 5 minutes before making a call to move on to the maze or other ride.
But lucky the maintenance worker came and viola! everything went back to normal.
This ride was quite scary in a sense that I felt like it was so unsafe whenever it made a sharp turn, there would be a screeching sound but Joe said it is normal.

Joe sit out on this as he wasn't feeling too well from the coast rider so I had to do it myself.
This ride was slower than the one I did in Ohio, but it was the same logic where they will fire you up in a high speed. Love this but it was kind of short ride.

Black Magic
They associate black magic with poker cards to which I find that this maze should be renamed as gambler's den? My thought on black magic and poker cards doesn't match up. I wished that it was some what like voodoo but this maze was just blah for me.

Dead of Winter
There is also a secret room in this maze, I quite like it and it did give us a scare. However maybe because this maze is very bright and white, the horror effect isn't there but they did do a good job in decorations.

Silver bullet Ride
This was the highly raved and waited ride that we all have been waiting for the whole night.
Best ride ever! You just got to go on it and do it.

Final verdict:
Because of the secret room, there was 10-30mins wait even though you are in the fright lane. Personally I feel that if the secret room was turned into secret maze, that would have been way more cool and it would have not been such a long wait. But comparing the maze of this to Universal, I like Knott's better. The scare actors even do a better job that sometimes when you past them, they would creep behind you and blow wind towards your neck to creep you. Joe think that we could make do without the secret room as they didn't have much effect. Also the special ops need to be improved.

If you go on Knotts on a weekend like we did, it is wise to get the fast pass for both the maze and rides otherwise, perhaps, get the fast pass for the maze, do the rides first and then go on the maze.
Initially when we arrive at the park, there was no queue for the rides, after around 9pm, the queue for the rides starts to get crazy long!

My ranking of the maze from best to worst:
Paranomal Inc, Voodoo,  Trick or Treat, Tooth Fairy, Pinocchio Unstrung,  Dead of Winter,   Forevermore, My Bloody Clementine, Black Magic, and Gunslinger.

Joe's ranking of the maze from best to worst:
Paranormal Inc, Voodo, Tooth Fairy, Trick or Treat, Forevermore, My Bloody Clementine, Black Magic, Dead of Winter, Pinocchio Unstrung and Gunslinger.

Ticket cost: 
$122 (round up) for the entrance and fright lane + $65 for the fast lane for rides PER person.

Overall rating:

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