Pink, purple, blue and turquoise

10:31 AM

I wanted some chinese food, so we decided to go to a chinese restaurant but it was a wrong choice.
Before parking, joe was reversing the car and accidentally bump into a parked car.
So, we got off the car and went to check and there was no damage on either car.
We got curious then, as we heard a noise when he reverse.
Still, we went to get the owner of the other car and then we exchange contacts and etc.
Her brother came down and also saw there was nothing big deal about it.

2 weeks later, while we were hiking at big bear, she called and said that she want to bring the car for inspection at her uncle's workshop.
Joe agreed at first and I told him that's stupid because they could tamper with the car and then said it was us. So we should all go to a mutual workshop and had it check instead.
So, he called her back and she said she will get back to us.

2 weeks after the phone call, which is 1 month over after the incident, the car insurance called and said she reported about the accident and they will have the car check on Saturday.
This is where it get fucked up because it had been 1 month after the whole accident.

In this period of time, she could get her car tampered, another car could had bump into her and did a hit and run and she tried to blame on us or anything is possible.
And we can't win against her because this is how USA law is.

Seriously, if she was genuine about the whole incident, we would had gone to a mutual agreed workshop and check yet she decided to fuck us (in some way, contacting the insurance would increase Joe's insurance fee).

So, I do hope she fucking get kill in her car since she "love" her car so much.

Dyed my hair a darker shade of purple.


We also went to Universal Halloween Horror Night and got the express pass as we all know that if you don't, you will spend all your time and effort queuing up.

Universal Horror Night wasn't as scary as the one in Singapore.
Probably because their theme revolves around movies.

This year it was insidious, alien vs predator, halloween, crimson peak and etc.
So it didn't really have any exciting scary stuff.
I probably won't go there again.

Came back from korea and my hair was blonde so I made it blue.

I quite like this hair color, more than the purple actually.

Decided to let Joe try some Singapore food in this restaurant call Bugis street.
The only thing that does taste like Singapore food was laska, but it was lacking coconut.

Joe got me roses after I commented the night before that he don't ever get me flowers.

Hair turned turquoise after a few days, I was trying to make streaks of purple and blue but I was lazy to do them separately, so it became turquoise.

Sushi at roll roll became our usual spot because it is cheap to eat there and normally we order like 5 plates of sushi
5plates x 8 sushi = 40 sushi consume by 2 people!
In singapore, it'd have been 40/2 = 20 plates.

Joe brought me to Olive Garden saying there was amazing breadstick.
I always call this Olive Young because that's the "watson" in Seoul.
The soup there is amazing and they have free refills for the soup and breadstick.
BUT the place smell so BAD.
I have really sensitive sense of smell so it was horrible.

Drew a spider on Joe's neck.

Did some halloween nails to look like blood

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