6:44 PM

Selfie right after reaching Seoul Airport.
I got the wifi modem from olleh.
If you do the reservation online, the rental fee is free so it's way cheaper.
Also, there was another website that had this wifi modem, but there is a capacity on the data.
Find out more information here:
It work for me in Seoul and Busan.

Bought a bus ticket to the hotel, I was alone cause the bf and the family were already in Seoul.

The travel agent fucked us (me and joe) up, whole story goes here in summarized form.

Normally I would book my air ticket myself because search engines are cheaper than travel agent.
So I found a 500usd return trip from Seoul to LAX.
Joe wanted to get cheaper so asked the agent, she said yeap, she can get it cheaper.

Weeks later, I checked myself and the tickets had gone up to 800, agent said she still can get it cheaper.

So, Joe and me had arguments about these because she said she could beat my price, and then it went up which Joe should had listen to me and got the cheap tickets but because that bitch said it'd be cheaper, he believed.

So, after the tickets were booked, she finally sent me my itinerary which didn't had Joe's name.
Then, she said our flights were only few minutes apart, but of course, it WASN'T.
(I thought Joe and me were going to travel on the same flight because I had no idea his mom had booked his tickets already and the agent who knew, didn't tell us)

We had so many arguments and fight because of that fucking bitch.
I will cut my throat than book with her again.

2 hrs journey ride to the hotel.
Thank god for the egg (as you can slightly see from my hand)
Best thing ever!
They said there are wifi everywhere in korea, the last time I came to korea, wifi were shit.

I took a shower in Beijing which probably cost me like $30+ and I will NEVER do it again.

It is probably the most gross and disgusting toilet I have ever been to.
But I knew I had to shower because I will be out and about in Seoul the moment we land.

Myeong-dong Cathedral (서울 명동성당)
More information can be found here:

 Joe is such a bad photographer.
I always told him to take photos of the whole building structure, but he could never do it.

Photo of inside the chapel.

In case you are wondering, I am a free thinker.
Sorry if I offend anyone by taking this photo.

Next, Joe's brother (Greg) wants to go to this temple area in Gangnam.
I had no idea what is it at first, but after walking around, I realized I've been here when I first went to Korea. The temple is now under renovation.

Bongeunsa Temple (Seoul) (봉은사 (서울))

This is the place where they have the huge buddha.

The next day, we went for the DMZ tour.

No idea what it meant.
Maybe they were sad about the separation?

There was also a old steam train which had many sign saying to to climb up, but we all know the chinese people would still do it.

 This is the area where you can see north korea.

 Rick, Colleen, Me, Joe and Greg.
(Joe's parents and brother)

This is the entrance where you can go down to see the tunnel the north and south dug.
No camera allowed, below is an image of the overview of the tunnel.

Seems easy on the board, but seriously it was so tiring!
AND worst, there is NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING amazing about it.

Selfie, selfie...

They also brought us to the train area where if it is possible someday, you can travel from south to north and other part of the world.
Maybe some day it would happen...

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