Just bad luck.

3:17 PM

So, lots of shit has been happening for the past 1/2 year since I resigned from flying.
Obviously, there's up and there's down.

2016 isn't a good year for me.

1) I came back from the states in Dec, and my beloved 1year old iPhone 6plus started to have freaking issue.I went to a 3rd party shop to try get it fixed (as there was NO more warranty), and they tried changing the screen for me but it doesn't work. So they concluded it was the motherboard. I tried to bring it to Apple authorized shop to fix it, they gave me some stupid solution which was to try change the LCD screen of my phone and if it still doesn't work, without notice a $600 fee will be impose for a replacement. Seriously? What kind of service is that?

2) Before I left, the state of my Macbook Pro charging wire wasn't really in a good condition but I didn't expect it to break when I came back from the state since it was left UNTOUCHED. So, I went to get a brand new freaking charger. 6 months after spending $100+ on the new charger, the Macbook decided to die on me last week. I like to presume it's the battery that is causing the Macbook to be working slowly and hangs 90% of the time. The battery charge was already 889 while a Macbook Pro battery charge would be 1000.

3) The thoughts of me having to go back to dark hair color is BLEAH! But then realistically I have to do so because most of the sales/front line/customer related jobs in Singapore do NOT allow you to have such "drastic" colors. Seriously? Singapore needs to move forward with the world and not be so back-dated. I guess just the thoughts of me not able to change my hair color frequently irks me.

In summary, so much things had happen just 4 months in 2016 and I'm totally just wish that time just fly past 2016 faster.

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