K-Drama Crazy

1:44 PM

Having nothing to do at home except going to interviews on selective days, I had begun watching Korean Dramas again.

Of course, the very first Drama I had to watch because there was so much craze is

1. Descendant of the sun. 3.8/5

I don't find them particularly handsome (not my kind of guy) but I do love the story line of this show, although some parts were ridiculously impossible and the ending of the show is just W T F?
It's not really a must watch show but the OST in the shows were amazing.

2. My love from another star 4/5
This was another highly raved K-drama so I had to watch it. It was funny and it was alright, I did tear but not in love with the ending.

3. Heirs 4/5
Started to fall in love again with Lee Min Ho after watching this show and give me half their fortune would be just so great. Again, the ending of the show is another W T F? I seem to realize that korean drama ending is just so stupid.

4. Emergency couple 3.5/5
I just manage to finish this show because it get boring with the last 3 episode, they definitely could have done more scenarios in this show especially it revolves in the healthcare. But at least the ending of this show is better than the rest.

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