Bangkok Day Two

10:09 PM

We woke up super early like 8am thinking it was already 10am!
I guess the boy was excited? Though we woke up at 8am, we spent so much time preparing and changing here and there that... we left the hostel at 10am.

Little Zoo Cafe
Bond St, Ban Mai, Pak Kret District
Nonthaburi 11120, Thailand

If you can book the shuttle van from their website, I highly recommend.
Otherwise, you can take a taxi from Mo Chit BTS.
(For further directions view the youtube video)

The very first animal we get to touch and play with was the raccoon!

They also have chinchilla which I used to keep as pet.

They also have foxes.
This tiny fox lives in a cage cause I think it's still a baby, so they don't let it roam around yet.
But you can carry it to take photos which I do find it quite saddening.

Someone is preparing to bring home the meerkats!
They have a room for them to roam around.
Really active but after a while, they get tired and all of them goes in the box to sleep

We stayed around for our turn to feed the fox.
They were taking a nap when we arrived at the cafe.
There were 2 of them being released and this is my favorite!

We spent probably 2hours at the little zoo cafe and I highly recommend anyone to come here!
The food at the cafe was also delicious as compare to many cafes I have been to in Bangkok

We cabbed from the cafe to chatuchak weekend market and walked from 1pm to maybe 5-6pm?!
I think that was my longest shopping ever in CTC.
We shopped so much! Thank god I asked the boy to bring the big new balance bag.

We also had the famous duck noodle and it was delicious!
I normally hate duck but this was amazing.

For the night time, we actually went to Rot Fai Market (Train Market)
Just behind Seacon Square Shopping Mall which is an enormous shopping mall.
You will need to take a taxi from the nearest BTS: On Nut
Opening Hours: 5pm - midnight (Thurs-Sun)

There are actually 3 train market now, if you haven't been to any, do head to this one as this is the biggest train market out of all 3.

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